Law and poverty’ was a course we did in the 2nd year of law school. Now it’s become a real life crisis; living in near deprivation with company law & environmental law tormenting me and killing the only hint of glee in my life. To say I am broke would be an understatement. The much discussed piinnnk wallet has just about everything but money in it: bills, receipts, visiting cards, bits n pieces of paper which I have saved for God knows what, Gods, pictures, sim cards, a debit card which I am scared to use, id cards and a bit of everything else….a Pandora box minus that one thing which everyman is behind.  The greatest tight spots have been the truck-run-over-like toothpaste tube, clattering deodorant bottles, dried out moisturizer bottles, just about empty shampoo bottle, fused bulbs, dhoby bills, mama’s bills, mess bill, and more bills. and even if I have to go without toothpaste and deo for a week, I am in no position to breathe a word to my folks ‘cos that will entail explaining the five grants they transferred a couple of weeks back and the ten grants with which I came to college, hmmm… about a month back! Yea, that’s awful, but that doesn’t make any difference to the predicament that I am in, which is the whole point here. I am still deprived and suffering law. Its Law and Poverty. Can’t get worse.

PS: contributions accepted in the form of liquid cash, Demand draft or Cheque. In case of account transfer, contact me for the account number. Much obliged!