U was lecturing about ‘indellectual Properdy Rights’ and copyrights on a combuder program’. That’s when the drama king was seen lingering at the door. Then he starts whistling from there at me and waving. I am like oh hi! How you doing and what the hell are you doing? …hmmm! Then he lifts up a cover and waves it at me. Everybody in the class room except may be kunal and suraj in that shady corner could see the silver colour sandals inside something which was little more than an excuse for a cover. I hide my face and bend down trying to hold my laughter. Then I hear a rattling sound, I knew he had thrown them inside. Lifted my head up after sometime to realize that he was gone and that half the class is stunned and still wondering what the whole thing was about, debating hard, whether it was intended for me or for her. I was trying hard to keep a straight face and recollect what had just happened. And obviously U was ‘simbly’ not amused and looked ‘combletely’ lost.