dsc00617.jpgI have been lying in my bed, cuddled up under my blanket, with the yellow light from the beautiful lamp hanging above me falling onto my face and the book I was reading and the lamp shade casting a lovely pattern of a shadow around the rest of the room. I could hear the rain outside. It has been raining without a break during the last couple of days. The sound of rain hitting the ground and of the water gushing from the terrace and the parapet, kissing the ground in an awkward splash has been scoring the cold days and nights. Read till late last night and forced myself to put the book away and sleep at 4.30 in the morning and was woken up at 9.30 by a friend who insisted that I go confirm that I had no class today, as if to tell me its all an illusion and though you think you don’t have class you might actually be having class. May be there is class, who can say? Then I took it upon myself to convince him that today is a first Saturday and we can’t have any class. And finally when I was up and moving he smiled lightly, content with himself.
I get out of my room and find that the whole hostel was deserted. Everybody had gone for the ‘non-credit-course’ for which I hadn’t registered. And boy! wasn’t I glad I hadn’t! I had a shower, put on my clothes, grabbed a news paper and was out in the rain, jeans folded up till my knee, getting wet and walking towards the dining hall to get some breakfast. Ate corn flakes and ‘paav bhaaji’ while I read the newspaper and was back in the room again, reading. Then I fell asleep in between, woke up in time for lunch. Met my friends at the dining hall, all of them looked so exhausted after the class, listening to one man blabbering for four hours incessantly. They said I was lucky! I didn’t know about anybody forcing them to register for it though at the end of the day they all did, as if mechanically, because most people did. They were also designing and presenting themselves with a certificate. I guess I was one of the very few who were not attending it and yet were on campus. I went to the library and flipped through the newspapers and mags. Got back to the room and was reading once again. Ate come hot chicken soup and made coffee in the evening. Then fell asleep. When I woke up I realized the rain had stopped for sometime but it was very breezy. Then I was waiting for yamuna to call on me to go for dinner. She came and we went.
There were no lights on the lane though we could see silhouettes of people walking up and down. We have been having problems with the power supply because of the rains; I heard that there was water inside the fuse boards or whatever they are called. Last night there was no power on the first floor and the occupants were more unhappy with the fact that there was power on other floors and other wings and the other hostels too, the indignation knew no bounds. But luckily there was power in the hostels today and for the first time there was rational use of power. Instead of lighting up the shady nooks and the bushes and ditches with flood lights to drive away the couples, the whole campus was in darkness except for the hostels, the mess and the roads. The couples must have had a nice time in the breeze!
The huge dining hall looked so empty with a few small groups of people scattered across the tables. Its been a long time since I saw the campus like this because I have been hardly staying back during weekends. I love my college on such days. It comes alive, as to reality with less of the fakers and pretenders left behind. It had the rare look of inviolable purity. The rains were once again pouring down and washing away the muck.