Today we had a ‘practice session at the nets’ (WOW) for tomorrow’s cricket match against the…hmmm…actually I jus realized that I don’t know who we are playing! anyway, that is besides the point.

It’s the girls’ cricket tournament. And interestingly we have been allowed certain privileges: we are allowed to throw, we are supposed to bend our elbow when we bowl, we dont need to have a ‘bowling action’ as long as we release the ball and send it few yards across the pitch preferably somewhere around the wicket, we are allowed to play with only 8 people on the team, ‘lbw’ is just Bullshit and we dont need to know what else it could possibly be, we are allowed to play ‘only’ with the tennis ball, the distances and units of measurements shall be modified to suit convenience, we are allowed to drop catches and still get cheered by our sweet coaches ‘cos we went for it, we are allowed to throw the ball two meters away from the wicket and still get cheered ‘coz we finally made the batswoman move her ass (crap! that’s not a wide ball! That’s as close as it can get),we are allowed to be clumsy as hell and yet be called cute, during practice if we drop catches or miss the ball our coaches would apologise to us ‘cos its their fault and finally we are allowed an applause once in a while for touching the ball with the bat.

we will also be given a standing ovation for the kind of crowd pulling which no boys team have accomplished till date and also last but not least, for providing Pure Entertainment.