I almost forgot what my blog looked like! 😦

Life had become exciting, almost. Loads of things happening. A high profile conference hosted by the college. Had been working on the organizing team. Did a lot of running around and was rewarded generously at the end of the day (each dayJ).

It was one whole week of absolute masti. The whole organizing team used to work together at the Conference secretariat on different areas for one whole month. We had some zillion committees and used to have hazaar meetings. And even one week after the conference got over we just can’t get over the kind of fun we had;

the little kitchen in the room where we made tea and coffee and hogged on biscuits and chips [remembering paramu’s comment that he can’t anyway have payasam for Onam but could fortunately have my coffee instead and also some words of appreciation from few others. My coffee had definitely improved by the end of the conference]; going out at odd hours and turning back to show the middle finger at the guards at the gate, almost…; the never ending bitching sessions, the pleasure of organized labour [organized, not in the ‘labour law’ sense of unionization, but more like making a formation while planting grass, hehe.. never mind;)!], CLC goodies which included a T-shirt, sexy pens and notepads, bags, etc.. which the less fortunate nalsarites wanted us to smuggle to them but got snubbed instead, a fundoo participation certificate, academic leave [leave with attendance] for 3 days including a rest-day after the conference, sneering at the unwillingly class-going, ‘non-volunteers’, laughing and shouting our lungs out in the CLC workroom which was right above the VC’s den, awesome food on all the 3 days of the conference, (breakfast buffet to dinner buffet + free booze!) only for the organizing team, along with the delegates; stay at the resort where the delegates were put up, meeting people from all around the world!…

well… in a nut shell, we had a ball! Thanks to our dear kalpana (ma’am), the Godmother[2].


[2] The dynamic, charming, dignified ,activist Professor who is like the coolest person on campus. The kingpin of CLC who brought it to
India. She rocks!