It was couple of days before the mid semester exams. The food in the mess was pathetic. So me, anju, maria and sow decide to go to the dhaba for lunch. We also had to get some notes zeroxed [with exams just two days away it was time we got hold of some stuff to read from]. We took an auto from the gate. It was hot as hell. We were getting baked plain…almost.
The auto just refused to budge once we got to the main road. May be it had some painful memories from childhood about main roads, quite possible…? Nay! It just ran out of petrol. So the smart driver leaves the auto right in the middle of the road and goes off with a bottle to get petrol. So we thought we would go get the book zeroxed. But there was no power and we were explaining to the wise guy around that we needed three copies and NO, it didn’t include the copy we are giving them. ‘When we say we need three copies, we mean three copies apart from it, excluding it, [yea u got it?.. Good. You are smart. Is it so complicated?!]’ Then we tell them that we will pick it up on our way back.
We come back to the auto and it was still rite in the middle of the road, BANG! We go get ourselves baked a little more inside the oven, [Ooopsie! Auto it is indeed] and then we decide to walk till the dhaba and get scorched. So we walk down there. The food turns out to be just awful. All of us crib and curse the heat, food, the auto and everything else that is, that will be and that was, and that wont be…
Then we set out again in the rattling oven, anju’s white salwar was a shade of grey after all the baking and scorching and also a little yellow in patches ‘cos she sat in the gravy. Since there were heavy rains in the kitchen in fauji dhaba that day, the stains weren’t so bad and thick.
On our way back we get down at the zerox place and then we find out that the copies have been done but then the guy tore up the cover of the note book which we had given him. [wise guy was just bored] we were really worried ‘cos we wud already be in trouble for returning the book late and now we have to return it without the cover, bare naked. We ask the wise guy to stick it with cello tape or somehow pin it up. Then the wise man then takes out the 3 big stapler pins from the middle page. And then he puts the conver back and tries to put back the stapler pins through the holes. We are dumbfounded. We did not know whether to laugh or cry. firstly, we could not believe that people could be so insane and secondly, the pages were also out now and not just the cover. We try to put some sense into him in whatever broken hindi we knew. But the man just wouldn’t speak. We thought he was actually literally dumb. He just kept grinning. And then finally they stitch the book up for us. And we are about to go.
Yea, we have to pay them. They tell us its 120 bucks for 57 pages. :O ok, how insane can you get! We refuse to pay. We tell them they can’t extort money from us just ‘cos we are girls. We scream at them. They threaten us. We don’t budge. They bully us, some 4 men against us. Then my friend asks him very innocently, “pagal hai kya?!”… ok, now things were going out of control… he goes, “kaun hai pagal?…’ I thought he just raised his hand at us… almost!
We pay them 60 and leave. We get into the oven, our ‘getaway van’ now. But then the driver is still hanging around the shop. They were threatening him. He wouldn’t come. So we get out and ask him if he was coming. Then finally he comes, followed by the guys at the shop. They ask us to return the copies and take the money. [yea, u wish!] we just don’t give a damn. Then came the blow, the wise man says, “will complain to your principal”
huh?! .. puleasse!:)).. we are shitting in our pants :P….. almost!!
And we drive away… in our get away van…!