As soon as I got back from class I turned on my comp and was sitting in front of it and browsing aimlessly. I was holding Alex tight in my arms. Alex is my new room mate. Its Ikru’s best friend just like Esthu is to Kittappayi. Alex has nice golden hair. It’s is so cuddlable and soft but it has a slightly evil look on his face which scares me sometimes when I look down at him. It is because of some excess fur on his face which covers his eye balls in such a way so as to make it look like two slits. Unlike other teddy bears, including its best friend Ikru, its legs and hands are not stiff and at vertical angles with its body. Alex’s legs kind of dangle from his body which is one thing that makes him so huggable. Alex by the way has a burnt bum. He got burnt by an iron when he was a baby. So the hair is slightly coarse around those parts.
Now, I don’t own alex. Its anju’s. I took him away and got him to my room one day so that he could meet Ikru and he stayed over. Now I can’t let go of him. Anju tried to take him back couple of times, though in vain. Later she quite forgot about it.
So today when I was dozing off in my chair with him somebody knocks on my door. I open the door, still holding him but trying to hide him behind the door, so that I don’t look like one retard and scare away whoever it was at the door. It turned out to be anju. Now I have more reasons to hide him. But my stupid smile gave me away. She saw him and… Ouch!
She said it was atrocious and was almost like seeing your best friend making out with your ex boy friend 😀
But ofcourse the good girls that we are there was no cat-fight. In fact both of us were just too amused and could not stop laughing.

And end of the day, I get to keep him…!!!