What could I be possibly doing at 9 am on a Sunday morning… yea; I wish I was in bed tucked up and at peace doing justice to the title of Miss. sleeppopotamus! I had got up at 7 in the morning and at 8 o clock, I was already in a rickety bus to the city with 5 huge cans of milk around me and 4 baskets of vegetables on them, a goat right next to me and an old woman with 5 piercing in each of her ears and one ring each in either nostrils staring at me for almost half an hour until she lost interest, after all I had only one nose ring and 4 holes on my 2 earlobes taken together, nothing to beat the babe!!

I got to the IMS centre at sharp 9 o clock though there is absolutely nothing exciting about them. I was waiting for the class to begin when the faculty walked in and I must say that though I was not impressed I was hoping he doesn’t let me down ‘cos he looked cute. The dude goes, ‘have you done your voccabs?’ (No response from the class) ‘What is the meaning of obstreperous’ (I was anxious that MS Word might not recognize the word…but yippee apparently its done its ‘voccabs’! :P) (No response again) ‘what is the meaning of ubiquitous?’ (that’s enough dude! You look disgusting when you twist your tongue like that!!)

That’s when we realized his fly was half open, not an accident, just that his pants were a bit too tight around the waist.  And the moment he realized it he dint try to hide it but he seemed to flaunt it and started trying hard to pull it up by doing few ‘up and downs’ and then when he failed he was holding it there for sometime and then forgot all about it. Well, very impressive I must say! Then somewhere we picked up an argument on one of the passages in the reading comprehension section. I couldn’t agree with the answer and the explanation he was giving. So dude went on explaining in a loop and then asked me again if I agreed, with a perfectly straight face I told him I still didn’t , and leaving his fly open doesn’t work here. Then he goes, ‘its ok, u tell me why don’t you agree, I love arguing with cute girls” <winks>. Well… THAT almost worked! I just flashed him a smile and then we moved on to the next question: P

At the end of the class, one of the guys in class stops beside me and says, “ I think I have met u before”… well.. I didn’t think so; I definitely couldn’t have forgotten a peacock with a golden tooth. Then he goes, “aren’t you in infosys?” I said “no”. Mr. Peacock says “oh ok… what is your name? <Stupid smile, flashing the golden tooth>”…well, I say, “never mind”…! And I heard somebody saying from behind, “that doesn’t work dude, she is smart” 😉 and well I did end up going for a coffee with the latter guy…!! Haha …! Well, don’t mistake me, I knew the latter guy from before, not ‘cos that random comment worked.

i bet the catechism classes which my Christian freinds always cribbed about would have been much more exciting. For me, No remoter, ulterior motives or excitements for waking up at 7 on a Sunday and sitting through the boring classes for 4 hours! I am just a very dedicated student… deprived of sleep, lazy Sundays, breakfast, sleep… all I am left with is the constant determination to work hard…someday, hopefully soon!