Apart from the brain drain another inevitable consequence of more and more people going to the US is that we people end up spending a lot of our precious time giving them ‘updates’ generally on everything under the sun, moon and the stars and more often than not the focus is on love life, relationship status, break-ups and adventure sports like skiing and cookin ..(unless its two software engg talking, in which case.., aye, never mind!) and of course once in a while we do discuss career plans, family, new hair cut, long drives, weather, treks, movies, new camera, new car, room mates, weekend fun…from what i have observed these guys invariably turn into amazing cooks…fancy a techie from US who cooks brilliantly? quite an intresting package…

This is from the conversation I had last night with a friend who is currently in the US (and doesn’t seem to have any plans of coming back until he gets thrown out of the country):

 V: ediiiiiiiiiii

me: hello  enthokke ind (whats up?)

V: enthonnu undavan…(what could be happening…)  nee para…(you say)  whoz this new guy 😉

me: ethu? (which?)

me: enthayi kalyanaalochana (whats happening with your marriage proposals?)  and what’s with pork? (his status message said, “pork, here I come”) 

V: ha…  langane…(oh, like that)  pork..  njan tsr style pork fry ulathithu undakkitha…(I made thrissur style “pork fry ulathiyathu”)

me: oh..  kollalo (that’s great)  cooking okke serikkum padicho (you learnt cooking?)

V: pinne illathe… njan oru xpert cookey aayi…(I am an expert cook now)stiram thozhil aakiyallo enn vicharikka (thinking of a career in it)  btw… wat abt the dude.. tell me abt him 

me: which dude? 

V: njan arinju malake… (I got to know everything)  ennodonnum olikkanda 🙂 (no need to hide from me) 

me: 😛  who told u/and wht?

V: athokke arinju (never mind, I got to know!)  nee karyam apra (u tell me the details)

me: illa u tel me (no, u tell me who said what)  who said wht  ende chechi aavum allate aara (must be my dear sister, who else could it be!)  BBC

V: enthegilum aavate (whatever!)  nee parayhu (you say!) 

me: onnum illa.. 🙂 (nothing)enthanippo ariyande? (what do u want to know?)i guess whoever told u must hav given u sm details also..angane onnum aayitilla..(nothing much),

V: aaranu pulli (who is this dude?)… wats he doing… 

me: oho..so who told u/  para (say)  chechi aanengi details paranjitundavumallo (if its my sister she would have given you the details too!) he is a rock star..plays in a rock band called B’ teasers..he sings too.. and he is also doin his MBA frm IIMb… n he has an audi!

poyo? (gone?)

 V: eh. njan onnu bodham kettatha (no, I just fainted)me: ??                                                                                                                                      


V: nope  ivide undu… (i am here)  still shocked 

me: 😛  i made tht up!  :))  hahaha  

V: ok..appo pinen actual evide 🙂 (then tell me about the real one!) 

me: real one is much sweeter…:) hehe  though no audi.. and no iimb and not a rockstar either.. hehe..still sweet… ha! now u know why people say love is blind…haha 

Then followed a whole lot of questions and the first one was ‘is he a malayalee kolayalee?”, just like one would ask “aano penno” when a child is born, indisputably, always the first question and when I said no, not a malayalee, it was not appreciated. V took offence and protested on behalf of all the malayalee chekkanmar (V pratikarichu, athi shakthamayi :P) … then i assured him it’s not ‘cos mallu boys are any less smarter, it’s just that they are either curiously elusive or they are software enngineers…:O (i  duck to escape the thousand zillion things shoved at me!)


so, discussing my relationship status with one of them in the US has become a routine, quite fruitless though. One of them promised me to find me some rich, handsome phirang for a boy friend or may be an Indian Menon settled in the US for a husband, but they dont seem to keep their promises these days. But still it’s nice to get the views of people who have seen more countries than I have…  

[Before jumping into conclusions, the Facts in the conversation are hearsay and are strictly subject to confirmation except the fact that my sister can indeed give BBC a run for their money]

 And here is an interesting conversation on one of the hottest topics: 

N: than veg aaano? (are u a vegetarian?)  chicken doubt undayirunnu 😀 (I had a ‘chicken doubt’)

me: haha  no i am not veg 

N: i put all masala and all and put it for marinating.  its already around 12:30 NOW  night  so dont have time.  so am putting it in fridge 

me: oh ok..!

N: do i need to put in freezer or down? 

me: hmm… freezer  wht is down?  oh like tht.. 

N: i am ~freezer :D\  not freezer  the problem is that there are some 10-15 pieces….

me: hmm.. no dont put it in the freezer

N: and i dont want to eat of all of them…in one go

me: u are freezer? wht?! 

N: so can i take one by one and bake and eat daily 🙂 

me: ok… best njan oru satyam parayatte!.. athe enikku ithonnum ariyilla..i was chumma tryin to say smthin..! 😀 (ok, let me tell you the truth, I have no clue about all these things. I was simply saying something) 

N: 😀  okies. 

me: yea bt i gues u cud do tht…  😀

 N: 🙂ya guess njanum cheyunnund (yea, even I can make guesses) 

me: its al a matter of guess  :)) 

Next day when I talked to him:

 N: Chicken came out alright 🙂 kept in the freezer, i had to use a hammer to seperate the pieces later though 

And when I look back at all those zillion conversations I have had with friends abroad I can confidently conclude that cooking is indeed the hottest topic on inter-continental chat, it figures in every conversation.