It was 5:30 in the morning. I quickly wore my jeans, T shirt, scarf, gloves, jacket, socks, shoes, and was waiting to go vroom! I got the call from Boy finally and I picked up my bag and ran out. The bird was already there. I climbed on to it and we were on our way. It was 6:30 am. We were joined by H on his unicorn. He also got me a helmet. It was the first time I was wearing one! We resumed our journey. Boy rode slowly and H rode fast and then H would slow down for a bit and wait for us to catch up and then he would fall back for sometime before zooming past us again. H was a man of very few words but there was something attractive about him. I missed him when he was out of sight and he made me smile when he reappeared again every time. We had a happy breakfast and were back on track again stopping only to stretch ourselves once or twice. The ride was lovely. The roads were the best. all very pretty.  

We reached Mysore at 11:30 and then we went to the college were Boy and his friends used to study. We rode around the place for sometime and we were joined by two more friends on a Bird again. Boy introduced me to them and we shook hands, one sheik and one cute taklu. I rode behind H and Boy stayed right behind us. I would flash a smile or two at him and he would grin till his ears. The Unicorn kept grazing against the humps for some strange reason and soon the guys were teasing me saying I was overloading the bike. Only H kept defending me. Boy kept showing me the places from the stories he had told me, the tall tower they climbed one night on a high, the boys hostel, H’s room, the class room, the spot were baldi used to ‘talk to two girls’, the lab and we also saw the security guard with whom boy had some trouble once.

Once we were done with these rounds we were out of there and we went to a nearby fast food joint and had lots of tea. We were joined by more friends and they were all doing a lot of catching up, I was a little lost yet enjoying it. We went to a restaurant and drank some beer and vodka. Then we drove in a jeep to the top of the Hills. Sheik drove like a crazy man through the winding road and we all swayed from left to right in the backseat. The view from the top of the hills was amazing and the wind was almost rejuvenating. We spent sometime on the top and then drove back. And then we were back to the Birds and the Unicorn and we were heading back. The guys were cursing me for coming with a deadline and said T.H.A.N.K.S with oozing sarcasm. Boy rode back fast. We stopped for some coffee and the guys hogged like pigs. We hadn’t eaten lunch. Boy went to the loo and i half suspected he fell asleep inside and wanted H to find out if everything was fine. I just remembered, we forgot to order the Blueberry muffin which i and H were supposed to share. Finally Boy was back and we were on the go again. After a point boy and I totally lost the others. They were nowhere near. Soon we were back in b’lore and I was standing in front of my house. I could see the relief on Boy’s face, of taking me home safe. What could I say, until next time, thanks for all the breeze, I loved it from the word go…