the lakenamukkoru sthalam vare povam” (Let’s go some place) – This was something like the theme for my day and i put it as my status message on gtalk. M responded immediately

 M: lets go, come.

Me: cool, come over. we will go.

M: no, come here, this is on the way.

Me: ok. what all should i get?

M: hmm, nothing. will live on love n fresh air.

Me: oh, do i come naked?

M: come soon, no, wear something now.. ;)i just want to see u sweetheart.

Me: Yuck! 😀

i got out of my room and went three rooms ahead, M was outside her room. i took her hand and we started walking towards the stair case and then we went right up till the top to the terrace. We got on to the tiled, slanting roof and sat there. The view was beautiful. we sat there looking at the lake and the hills and then at our old hostel and the water tank on the terrace where i used to go every night to speak on the phone endlessly… those times of loveliness…

once we got over the nostalgia and all the sweet memories we started getting little bit bitchy, passing comments on every single girl daring to pass under our noses through the courtyard, or coming inside through the gates, or going in between two hostels. S joined us and then we started bitching royally:

“oh, look at the way she is walking. stupid!  and the way she talks, i just cant take it…”

“what the hell is she wearing! Gawd, she looks so funny”

“i like her. she is very sweet. Oh but the other one… bloody thing. cant stand her…”

There was no end to it.we skipped basket ball and instead watched the others play from up there and watched the guys who were playing cricket. We could hear distinguishable cheering and sledging from the play ground. The bitching became intense as we got ideal targets (we were always perfect bitchers: P). we were having a great time till our butts started aching and we were debating whether there were 6 kundees (butts) or only 3 and decided it was time to go back downstairs… we soon did.

Then the power went off. The sky was breathtaking. The moon was very bright and we had a clear sky. Me n A kept staring at the infinite stars and then like little mad children we ran up to the terrace. We waited to see a shooting star and ended up wishing at couple of aero planes. After a while i saw a bright streak of light across the sky, it went right inside one of the water tanks, I pointed my finger at it and squeaked in excitement. Both of us were silent for sometime… 🙂

Though we couldn’t go anywhere far, our small excursion pretty much made my day…!:)