I was tagged by Asha long back. Guess I am in some mood to talk about myself right now… so here goes:

§ I love the sea. It is my dream to own a little wooden cottage by the sea, from where I can watch and hear the waves until I am tired of it. I dream of walking along the beach in the moonlight hand in hand with the man I love.

§ I love to think that I read a lot. But of late I have been too lazy to finish any book I start reading. And I hate myself for that. It makes me feel very useless.

§ I hate studying. It takes a lot for me to make myself open my study material. But I was not always like this. May be it’s just the effect of being in the final year of college and the indifference to the course.

§ I am a romantic. I dream a lot.

§ I think I am very helpful.

§ I dislike a lot of people for different reasons. I am unnecessarily judgmental at times when i shouldnt be bothering at all.

§ I love a lot of people for no particular reason at all. For me, ‘being’ is about loving, thinking about and spending time with people who mean the most to me.

§ I love cold coffee with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.

And now I would like to know 8 things about Vimal (an attempt to make him post after 8 months), Karthik (out of curiosity) and Vanchi (to make him post something besides Sci-fi). Come on guys, don’t let me down!