harimash-and-the-goats.jpgAmma had taken this picture of achan feeding a tiny leaf to a goat. It was taken on their very recent trip to amma’s house in Kollam. I am guessing those are my grand mother’s goats and the greenery you can see in the picture is part of our little farm called ‘ammoommayyam’ which literally translates to grandmom’s farm! Amma sent me the picture saying it is a very rare one. It is indeed.

I guess achan was caught unawares and I think he looks most adorable in it. I feel very amused when I see him play with animals or small babies. I get this gut feeling that those poor little things also find it very amusing and also a little confusing, like the goat in the picture which is thinking that probably the almost microscopic leaf is from some heavenly plant which is being fed to it so that it shall never feel hungry in this life. Sometimes achan makes sounds which I never thought he was capable of making though everybody else in his family are exceptionally good at it that our neighbours once thought amma had lost her mind when they once heard her ‘communicating’ (read trying to communicate) to our dog and they were overheard saying ‘pavam teacher, she has gone totally insane’. But I never knew my dad was silently picking up these things from us.  My mom is totally not amused with it and is very jealous because our little pet monkey[1] responds to my dad like she understood every word of what he says and all said and done, end of the day, whatever unearthly sounds we make, once achan shouts ‘trampeeee’ (which is supposed to be my dog’s name though it is hardly called that) , she would come runnig even if she was sitting down to s**t and surely,  for Trampy, her master is the indisputable Hero indeed.

[1] It’s not a monkey, it’s a dog which is actually a bitch. This is another way of ‘pampering’; something close to calling your baby a ‘little monster’ or your brother a ‘big teddy bear’ or your friend a ‘kallapanni’ (sly pig), runs in the family again.