We are having a tough time on our little planet which for some strange reason doesn’t seem to be traveling on the back of four giant elephants on the turtle shell but instead on the back of thousand one hundred and forty nine toads and few wolves and Jackals which seem to be slowly climbing over to our side of the planet. There must surely be a mistake.  

We wake up to eerie screaming and howling during wee hours of the night and in the morning we see the vestiges of a battle never seen and never fought: overturned waste bins and things strewn around the courtyard and all along the veranda, mysterious stains on the ground and the walls.

They have already taken over the bathrooms and some of the rooms too, almost ousting the occupants who are still determined to stay put and give it a fight (with brooms, curtain rods, Bagon spray and freaky screaming). When we put up a notice on the bathroom door which read “we are all animals living here so it’s ok not to flush”, never thought that the day would come when our loos would be actually used by beasts and our planet would become the next animal planet. The worst was when one of us, endangered species, opened the waste bin to throw a banana peel and found a Wolf inside it. After that she refuses to peel bananas before eating them. Another day some girl woke up with a toad sitting on her chest croaking away: “I cud stay awake just to see you breathing, watch you smile while you are sleeping, while you are far away dreaming…I don’t want to miss a thing”… when she suddenly woke up and what ensued is future. The frog hasn’t, oops, the girl hasn’t slept ever since.

 In spite of all this most of us have been very kind to all the wolves, the tigers, the Jackals and the dinosaurs, sometimes feeding them and keeping them warm. We have been surviving by evolving some smart strategies like the ‘Flush and Run’ which works pretty well while using the loo and ‘scream the pee out of it’ which is again not a bad strategy for the effort.

Then one day the blood thirsty hunters found their way into the animal planet and captured a ‘mental’ Wolf and did things to it which are better not be spoken of. The girls fought for the cause of the poor animal and were victimized for their compassion by the hunters and their masters, which happen to be the “One man army” of N*****. We were informed that since some Cross society did not respond to the repeated requests for a solution to the issue of the evolution of this small animal planet, the very cross One man army decided to take things into its own (mostly hairy) hands.  The plan is to stage a Coup when we are all away for a while from our ‘vanavasam’ when they would win back our planet for us from the other animals ‘cos they think we are better animals and they prefer us. Long live our planet and let the toads go back to carrying it on their backs. In the end, thanx for all the toads! 😛