images.jpgNews flash: “the youngest man on earth who was 17 years, x months and y days old was shot dead today…”


Those of you who have seen the movie ‘Children of Men’ would know what I am talking about. The movie opens with this huge racket around the death of the ‘youngest man on earth’ who was about 17 years old. Now, there is something strange about the whole thing. Yes, something must have gone wrong somewhere. Here is the catch; mankind has been under a curse for more than 17 years: humans could no longer procreate; they were under the curse of infertility and the last child ever to have born just got shot.

I happened to think of this movie when I was chatting to a friend from school the other day:

F:  You have a laptop?

Me: yeah…

F: do you keep it on your lap?

Me: no, keep it on my head. duhh..!!

F: And you are online 24 *7!!

Me: well… mmm..not really..! yea…kind of…

F: stupid girl, don’t you know, it will make u become infertile…!

Me: :O 

I immediately did some research on this, of course I looked online but I kept the laptop on my pillow this time, I didn’t want to learn things the hard way. I spoke to some experts who could clarify things. Apparently scientists somewhere came out with a finding that the heat from the laptop damages the sperm and fertility in men and the theory could possibly be extended to women too. So the Movie was not too far from reality.

For the record, out of 24 hrs in a day, I would be in class for about two hrs and then I would sleep for about (apart from the 1 hr and 45 minutes in class) 7 hrs, which leaves me with 15 hrs of the day which I live online. Everybody on campus would be online and then of course there is the rest of the world. There are very few things for which I need to step out of my room, my neighbour usually pings me to ask me to turn down my speaker volume, my friends give me wake-up calls on Gtalk, we submit softcopies of projects, share pictures, discuss ‘hostel and campus welfare’ through the ‘class-group’ and exchange ‘virtual’ hugs, kisses, cuddles, spanks, flowers and a whole lot of things through messengers and the various social networking sites.
Lately, I have come across a lot of write-ups about how people are losing interest in ‘sex’ because they find more interesting/pleasurable stuff on the internet. So the ‘infertility theory’ isn’t the whole truth, fertility might not matter anymore as long as people are e-fertile.

In my first semester when I didn’t check my mails for a month my hotmail inbox got automatically emptied ‘coz there was ‘no activity’ there. Anyways that seems like another lifetime now, a deprived life. Makes me wonder what really kept us alive considering what we live on these days, could be love and fresh air and the constant, ‘C,’ a.k.a miserable mess food.

My ‘uninspired neighbour’ (self proclaimed), P, (I save some comments for later because I wish to live longer) had this funny conversation with her friend from nursery:

F: Hi!! How come you are not sleeping?

P: Yea, I found this thing called messenger, it’s amazing! And now I sleep less.

F:  Yea, I can see that. Do you wear specs?

P: No. why?

F: How come your eyes haven’t exploded? Seriously!

P: Very funny! Go die yaaa..! 😛 <makes weird faces at the screen, the laptop gets hung for a minute>

Since then she has been seen wearing shades in her room and even in her sleep. And some people have turned a new leaf by uninstalling Gtalk. So there is still some hope.

 There are no particular motives behind this post apart from simple retrospection. No advice to give, no resolutions made. Life must go on…line!