I signed my Retainer Agreement on 20th of January and I am officially an Associate (‘A-0’) with the best law firm in the country and quite rightly I do feel like a zero at times!;)

It makes me wonder how many of us are doing what we truly want to do in life and how many of us are what we truly want to be…

ist2_1792847_design_elements_coffee_cups1.jpgI just came across a forward which was about some people drinking Coffee at a get-together. There were different kinds of Coffee mugs – some plastic, some glass, some wooden, some really ‘cool’ ones and the ‘best’ ones were all taken first leaving behind only the cheap mugs.. Later a guy makes this observation and tells them about how our minds are so misled to be more consious of the quality of the Cofee mug than what it holds, very metaphorical of the choices we make in our lives.I did feel that the E-mail conveyed some interesting message..

But end of the day aren’t we actually doing what we want to do and what we decide to do at that point when we make the decision, balancing all the pros and cons. It is true that we might think otherwise a couple of years later or we might have thought differently couple of years ago… But does that matter now? Now, we go for the crystal mug if that would make us feel better, even if it can hold only half as much Coffee as a plastic mug… and if we do go for the crystal mug, it means it is more important.period. Call it naive, but it Is. But whether it ought to be? the conflict between ‘as it Is’ and ‘as it Ought to be’ continues….

Some Coffee for Thought??