cimg0001.jpgWould you vouch by Gucci, Swatch, Dolce & Gabbana, Tommy Hilfiger, Christian Dior, M.A.C, Body shop, Wills, Levis, Benetton, Promod, and Davidoff? Do you know all these Brands? If you don’t, better look it up on Google lest you want to live like a social outcaste and be treated shoddily for being so un-cool and unsophisticated. If your Cupboard has any five of these brands you are cool, and if you have ten of them you are super cool and if you have all of them you are nothing less than a rock star and you deserve to be treated with respect and regard. Welcome to the Brand new world. You might have a bath only twice a week and you might walk into the class room/office in your Pyjamas, you might not shave, you might not comb your hair, but if you use Marks & Spencers body wash and if you wear an Armani T-shirt and Adidas Slippers, and if you have a Fossil and have Boss perfume and come in a Honda City or if you have a Merc at home, you are the dream guy for the modern brand conscious girl.


It could feel nice to own a Tommy Hand bag, a Dolce & Gabbana perfume, Marks & Spencers lingerie, a Body shop lip balm, a Gucci watch, or have a hair cut from Habibs or Juice as an indulgence. It could also possibly turn into a false sense of pride and superiority which goes beyond just pampering yourself. But the worst is when you judge a person going by how many of these brands he has on him and treat him depending on his knowledge of them. It is indecent and absolutely ugly. This is the hideous face of the Brand-crazy materialistic world: to define a person by how much he can buy and own, without seeing beyond/beneath the clothes and the perfumes.


In this world one should surely count and salute simplicity, minimalism and modesty as the greatest and ever-disappearing virtues amidst the greed for money, attention and the unbridled enthusiasm and determination to injure other’s pride and brand them as ‘uncool’ and ‘unsophisticated’ and ‘crude’ just because they do not know how to pronounce ‘Versace’ or that they do not know what Gucci is.