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cimg0001.jpgWould you vouch by Gucci, Swatch, Dolce & Gabbana, Tommy Hilfiger, Christian Dior, M.A.C, Body shop, Wills, Levis, Benetton, Promod, and Davidoff? Do you know all these Brands? If you don’t, better look it up on Google lest you want to live like a social outcaste and be treated shoddily for being so un-cool and unsophisticated. If your Cupboard has any five of these brands you are cool, and if you have ten of them you are super cool and if you have all of them you are nothing less than a rock star and you deserve to be treated with respect and regard. Welcome to the Brand new world. You might have a bath only twice a week and you might walk into the class room/office in your Pyjamas, you might not shave, you might not comb your hair, but if you use Marks & Spencers body wash and if you wear an Armani T-shirt and Adidas Slippers, and if you have a Fossil and have Boss perfume and come in a Honda City or if you have a Merc at home, you are the dream guy for the modern brand conscious girl.


It could feel nice to own a Tommy Hand bag, a Dolce & Gabbana perfume, Marks & Spencers lingerie, a Body shop lip balm, a Gucci watch, or have a hair cut from Habibs or Juice as an indulgence. It could also possibly turn into a false sense of pride and superiority which goes beyond just pampering yourself. But the worst is when you judge a person going by how many of these brands he has on him and treat him depending on his knowledge of them. It is indecent and absolutely ugly. This is the hideous face of the Brand-crazy materialistic world: to define a person by how much he can buy and own, without seeing beyond/beneath the clothes and the perfumes.


In this world one should surely count and salute simplicity, minimalism and modesty as the greatest and ever-disappearing virtues amidst the greed for money, attention and the unbridled enthusiasm and determination to injure other’s pride and brand them as ‘uncool’ and ‘unsophisticated’ and ‘crude’ just because they do not know how to pronounce ‘Versace’ or that they do not know what Gucci is.


You liked it
When I had to stand
On tippy-
Just to kiss you.
Then I’d come crashing
Like I
Had saved the world.


posted it here ‘cos i found it is so simple yet so beautiful…

I signed my Retainer Agreement on 20th of January and I am officially an Associate (‘A-0’) with the best law firm in the country and quite rightly I do feel like a zero at times!;)

It makes me wonder how many of us are doing what we truly want to do in life and how many of us are what we truly want to be…

ist2_1792847_design_elements_coffee_cups1.jpgI just came across a forward which was about some people drinking Coffee at a get-together. There were different kinds of Coffee mugs – some plastic, some glass, some wooden, some really ‘cool’ ones and the ‘best’ ones were all taken first leaving behind only the cheap mugs.. Later a guy makes this observation and tells them about how our minds are so misled to be more consious of the quality of the Cofee mug than what it holds, very metaphorical of the choices we make in our lives.I did feel that the E-mail conveyed some interesting message..

But end of the day aren’t we actually doing what we want to do and what we decide to do at that point when we make the decision, balancing all the pros and cons. It is true that we might think otherwise a couple of years later or we might have thought differently couple of years ago… But does that matter now? Now, we go for the crystal mug if that would make us feel better, even if it can hold only half as much Coffee as a plastic mug… and if we do go for the crystal mug, it means it is more important.period. Call it naive, but it Is. But whether it ought to be? the conflict between ‘as it Is’ and ‘as it Ought to be’ continues….

Some Coffee for Thought??

images.jpgNews flash: “the youngest man on earth who was 17 years, x months and y days old was shot dead today…”


Those of you who have seen the movie ‘Children of Men’ would know what I am talking about. The movie opens with this huge racket around the death of the ‘youngest man on earth’ who was about 17 years old. Now, there is something strange about the whole thing. Yes, something must have gone wrong somewhere. Here is the catch; mankind has been under a curse for more than 17 years: humans could no longer procreate; they were under the curse of infertility and the last child ever to have born just got shot.

I happened to think of this movie when I was chatting to a friend from school the other day:

F:  You have a laptop?

Me: yeah…

F: do you keep it on your lap?

Me: no, keep it on my head. duhh..!!

F: And you are online 24 *7!!

Me: well… mmm..not really..! yea…kind of…

F: stupid girl, don’t you know, it will make u become infertile…!

Me: :O 

I immediately did some research on this, of course I looked online but I kept the laptop on my pillow this time, I didn’t want to learn things the hard way. I spoke to some experts who could clarify things. Apparently scientists somewhere came out with a finding that the heat from the laptop damages the sperm and fertility in men and the theory could possibly be extended to women too. So the Movie was not too far from reality.

For the record, out of 24 hrs in a day, I would be in class for about two hrs and then I would sleep for about (apart from the 1 hr and 45 minutes in class) 7 hrs, which leaves me with 15 hrs of the day which I live online. Everybody on campus would be online and then of course there is the rest of the world. There are very few things for which I need to step out of my room, my neighbour usually pings me to ask me to turn down my speaker volume, my friends give me wake-up calls on Gtalk, we submit softcopies of projects, share pictures, discuss ‘hostel and campus welfare’ through the ‘class-group’ and exchange ‘virtual’ hugs, kisses, cuddles, spanks, flowers and a whole lot of things through messengers and the various social networking sites.
Lately, I have come across a lot of write-ups about how people are losing interest in ‘sex’ because they find more interesting/pleasurable stuff on the internet. So the ‘infertility theory’ isn’t the whole truth, fertility might not matter anymore as long as people are e-fertile.

In my first semester when I didn’t check my mails for a month my hotmail inbox got automatically emptied ‘coz there was ‘no activity’ there. Anyways that seems like another lifetime now, a deprived life. Makes me wonder what really kept us alive considering what we live on these days, could be love and fresh air and the constant, ‘C,’ a.k.a miserable mess food.

My ‘uninspired neighbour’ (self proclaimed), P, (I save some comments for later because I wish to live longer) had this funny conversation with her friend from nursery:

F: Hi!! How come you are not sleeping?

P: Yea, I found this thing called messenger, it’s amazing! And now I sleep less.

F:  Yea, I can see that. Do you wear specs?

P: No. why?

F: How come your eyes haven’t exploded? Seriously!

P: Very funny! Go die yaaa..! 😛 <makes weird faces at the screen, the laptop gets hung for a minute>

Since then she has been seen wearing shades in her room and even in her sleep. And some people have turned a new leaf by uninstalling Gtalk. So there is still some hope.

 There are no particular motives behind this post apart from simple retrospection. No advice to give, no resolutions made. Life must go on…line!


 We are having a tough time on our little planet which for some strange reason doesn’t seem to be traveling on the back of four giant elephants on the turtle shell but instead on the back of thousand one hundred and forty nine toads and few wolves and Jackals which seem to be slowly climbing over to our side of the planet. There must surely be a mistake.  

We wake up to eerie screaming and howling during wee hours of the night and in the morning we see the vestiges of a battle never seen and never fought: overturned waste bins and things strewn around the courtyard and all along the veranda, mysterious stains on the ground and the walls.

They have already taken over the bathrooms and some of the rooms too, almost ousting the occupants who are still determined to stay put and give it a fight (with brooms, curtain rods, Bagon spray and freaky screaming). When we put up a notice on the bathroom door which read “we are all animals living here so it’s ok not to flush”, never thought that the day would come when our loos would be actually used by beasts and our planet would become the next animal planet. The worst was when one of us, endangered species, opened the waste bin to throw a banana peel and found a Wolf inside it. After that she refuses to peel bananas before eating them. Another day some girl woke up with a toad sitting on her chest croaking away: “I cud stay awake just to see you breathing, watch you smile while you are sleeping, while you are far away dreaming…I don’t want to miss a thing”… when she suddenly woke up and what ensued is future. The frog hasn’t, oops, the girl hasn’t slept ever since.

 In spite of all this most of us have been very kind to all the wolves, the tigers, the Jackals and the dinosaurs, sometimes feeding them and keeping them warm. We have been surviving by evolving some smart strategies like the ‘Flush and Run’ which works pretty well while using the loo and ‘scream the pee out of it’ which is again not a bad strategy for the effort.

Then one day the blood thirsty hunters found their way into the animal planet and captured a ‘mental’ Wolf and did things to it which are better not be spoken of. The girls fought for the cause of the poor animal and were victimized for their compassion by the hunters and their masters, which happen to be the “One man army” of N*****. We were informed that since some Cross society did not respond to the repeated requests for a solution to the issue of the evolution of this small animal planet, the very cross One man army decided to take things into its own (mostly hairy) hands.  The plan is to stage a Coup when we are all away for a while from our ‘vanavasam’ when they would win back our planet for us from the other animals ‘cos they think we are better animals and they prefer us. Long live our planet and let the toads go back to carrying it on their backs. In the end, thanx for all the toads! 😛

harimash-and-the-goats.jpgAmma had taken this picture of achan feeding a tiny leaf to a goat. It was taken on their very recent trip to amma’s house in Kollam. I am guessing those are my grand mother’s goats and the greenery you can see in the picture is part of our little farm called ‘ammoommayyam’ which literally translates to grandmom’s farm! Amma sent me the picture saying it is a very rare one. It is indeed.

I guess achan was caught unawares and I think he looks most adorable in it. I feel very amused when I see him play with animals or small babies. I get this gut feeling that those poor little things also find it very amusing and also a little confusing, like the goat in the picture which is thinking that probably the almost microscopic leaf is from some heavenly plant which is being fed to it so that it shall never feel hungry in this life. Sometimes achan makes sounds which I never thought he was capable of making though everybody else in his family are exceptionally good at it that our neighbours once thought amma had lost her mind when they once heard her ‘communicating’ (read trying to communicate) to our dog and they were overheard saying ‘pavam teacher, she has gone totally insane’. But I never knew my dad was silently picking up these things from us.  My mom is totally not amused with it and is very jealous because our little pet monkey[1] responds to my dad like she understood every word of what he says and all said and done, end of the day, whatever unearthly sounds we make, once achan shouts ‘trampeeee’ (which is supposed to be my dog’s name though it is hardly called that) , she would come runnig even if she was sitting down to s**t and surely,  for Trampy, her master is the indisputable Hero indeed.

[1] It’s not a monkey, it’s a dog which is actually a bitch. This is another way of ‘pampering’; something close to calling your baby a ‘little monster’ or your brother a ‘big teddy bear’ or your friend a ‘kallapanni’ (sly pig), runs in the family again.

I was tagged by Asha long back. Guess I am in some mood to talk about myself right now… so here goes:

§ I love the sea. It is my dream to own a little wooden cottage by the sea, from where I can watch and hear the waves until I am tired of it. I dream of walking along the beach in the moonlight hand in hand with the man I love.

§ I love to think that I read a lot. But of late I have been too lazy to finish any book I start reading. And I hate myself for that. It makes me feel very useless.

§ I hate studying. It takes a lot for me to make myself open my study material. But I was not always like this. May be it’s just the effect of being in the final year of college and the indifference to the course.

§ I am a romantic. I dream a lot.

§ I think I am very helpful.

§ I dislike a lot of people for different reasons. I am unnecessarily judgmental at times when i shouldnt be bothering at all.

§ I love a lot of people for no particular reason at all. For me, ‘being’ is about loving, thinking about and spending time with people who mean the most to me.

§ I love cold coffee with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.

And now I would like to know 8 things about Vimal (an attempt to make him post after 8 months), Karthik (out of curiosity) and Vanchi (to make him post something besides Sci-fi). Come on guys, don’t let me down!

When I was in Bangalore few weeks back, I happened to look at the Bangalore Times during breakfast because my not-at-all-bossy brother ‘borrowed’ the main page from me. In the hostel, I get a different paper [with the same surnameJ]. so I usually miss all the masala that comes with the ‘manja (yellow) patrams’ [not literally manja, if that was the case ET would qualify to be one]. On the front page there were the results of a ‘poll’ on the best love story ever in the history of mankind. The story of Emperor Shah Jahan’s love for his wife Mumtaz Mahal seemed to be the page 3 favourite among few classics like Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice. There were pictures of some people I didn’t recognize. They were fashion designers, names which I don’t recollect because I am not page 3 enough. They vouched that the Taj Mahal was the ultimate symbol of love and that the love story of this Mughal couple was the most touching ever. They said it is ‘undoubtedly’ the most beautiful love story.

what is this ‘love story’ they are talking about?…that the emperor built a lovely monument in memory of his wife whom he apparently loved a lot, that he built a beautiful tomb for his wife heavily studded with priceless stones; that he caused one of the finest works of architecture that stands on the face of earth as a symbol of man’s pride and his desire to leave a mark and be remembered; that he was ill-treated by his own son who threw him in a prison from where he used to supposedly admire the beauty of the Taj Mahal and that later when he died he was laid beside his wife beneath an equally decorated tomb by his cruel son who had no love left for him while he was alive. Then ofcourse there are the hazaar legends of the cruelty meted out to the craftsmen who helped raise the beautiful structure whose thumps were sliced off as an honor for making something so beautiful… There are enough legends, myths, facts and controversies to make the Taj a celebrated monument. But what is the love story?  Well, on the page 3, there are no questions to be asked.  Or may be I don’t know the story ‘coz my history teachers skipped all the interesting parts in furtherance of their mission to make history as boring as one cannot imagine. [I was just trying to voice the popular attitude there; my history teachers were just awesome!J]

Few months back we found our mail accounts flooded with forwards asking us to cast our vote for retaining the Taj Mahal as one of the 7 wonders of the world. I wonder if the wonders of the world are chosen on the basis of the size of the tech-savvy population or on the basis of whether the structure actually deserves to be one. If the monument is under the threat of being ruined because of the indifference of the people, then does it still deserve to be a ‘wonder’ just because the same indifferent people sent some 1000 forwards around claiming that it still deserves to be a ‘wonder’ until it is totally destroyed and wiped out clean from the face of the earth? Not like it’s a big deal, how does it make any difference to an average Indian? But the page 3 was leading from the front in this campaign too.  It was a much celebrated page 3 issue and there was enough drama until it ended with bipasha basu’s face seen flashing all over the page announcing the big news to the proud page 3 Indian. 

 And The Taj still remains a wonder and a page 3 favourite…

the lakenamukkoru sthalam vare povam” (Let’s go some place) – This was something like the theme for my day and i put it as my status message on gtalk. M responded immediately

 M: lets go, come.

Me: cool, come over. we will go.

M: no, come here, this is on the way.

Me: ok. what all should i get?

M: hmm, nothing. will live on love n fresh air.

Me: oh, do i come naked?

M: come soon, no, wear something now.. ;)i just want to see u sweetheart.

Me: Yuck! 😀

i got out of my room and went three rooms ahead, M was outside her room. i took her hand and we started walking towards the stair case and then we went right up till the top to the terrace. We got on to the tiled, slanting roof and sat there. The view was beautiful. we sat there looking at the lake and the hills and then at our old hostel and the water tank on the terrace where i used to go every night to speak on the phone endlessly… those times of loveliness…

once we got over the nostalgia and all the sweet memories we started getting little bit bitchy, passing comments on every single girl daring to pass under our noses through the courtyard, or coming inside through the gates, or going in between two hostels. S joined us and then we started bitching royally:

“oh, look at the way she is walking. stupid!  and the way she talks, i just cant take it…”

“what the hell is she wearing! Gawd, she looks so funny”

“i like her. she is very sweet. Oh but the other one… bloody thing. cant stand her…”

There was no end to it.we skipped basket ball and instead watched the others play from up there and watched the guys who were playing cricket. We could hear distinguishable cheering and sledging from the play ground. The bitching became intense as we got ideal targets (we were always perfect bitchers: P). we were having a great time till our butts started aching and we were debating whether there were 6 kundees (butts) or only 3 and decided it was time to go back downstairs… we soon did.

Then the power went off. The sky was breathtaking. The moon was very bright and we had a clear sky. Me n A kept staring at the infinite stars and then like little mad children we ran up to the terrace. We waited to see a shooting star and ended up wishing at couple of aero planes. After a while i saw a bright streak of light across the sky, it went right inside one of the water tanks, I pointed my finger at it and squeaked in excitement. Both of us were silent for sometime… 🙂

Though we couldn’t go anywhere far, our small excursion pretty much made my day…!:)

as we were coming back after dinner we noticed this very strange notice on the mess-notice board which read  thus:

” the Vice Chancellor will be addressing the students tomorrow at the conference hall.

Boys: 3:00 pm

Girls: 3:30 pm”


i over heard the guy next to me saying, “wow, some sex education…”

yes, the VC could do with some… it shall be our pleasure to oblige;)

and surely we are all excited 😛 …watch this space after 3:30 pm tomorrow to find out more…:D